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Eco-Warriors with a Cause: The Ocean Cleanup

Image: The Ocean CleanUp

We, the eco-warriors, know that the plastic is killing our oceans and marine life. All we do is discuss, perhaps one reason for that is, ridding the oceans of plastics is a herculean task. However, one individual thought otherwise and took the leap of faith. The individual’s name is Boyan Slat, a dutch who decided that the oceans had enough plastics. He was moved by the striking discovery during a scuba diving session where he saw more plastic than marine life. It was at that moment he decided that something had to be done quickly. 

Founded in 2013 by Slat, The Ocean Cleanup aims to solve the problem of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans by using a fleet of high-technology floating trash collectors.

The Ocean Clean Up has set very realistic and high standards for itself. They aim at reducing the plastic trash in oceans by 90% and they aim at achieving that by 2040.  

How do they plan to ace their Nobel objectives? 

The Ocean Clean Up has a fleet of vessels that are designed to salvage plastic from the oceans and more importantly intercept it before it reaches the oceans. They have a two-fold operational strategy in place to get things done. Firstly they have an operational fleet that scouts the rivers for intercepting the plastic trash, therefore preventing a great deal of trash from entering the oceans. Secondly, they have another set of specialized vessels that cater to the plastics that are already polluting the oceans. 

According to The Ocean Cleanup, there are only 1000 rivers that account for 80% of the riverine trash pollution globally. Take care of them and automatically we would have much cleaner rivers and oceans. Another strategy they follow is anchoring their cleaning vessels near the source of pollution. That means you would find their vessels anchored a few miles off your cities coast rather than salvaging plastics in the deep ocean. Although they do explore the open wide seas for the same also. 

The Interceptors

Interceptor range of ultra-modern green water vessels is their latest addition to the arsenal. These vessels run on lithium-ion batteries and have an array of solar panels to power them. This enables them to work 24/7 without generating any pollution. 

The organization estimates that a single Interceptor could remove as much as 110,000 pounds of plastic trash a day from a polluted river. 

As of now, the interceptors seem to be doing a fabulous job. We hope to see them extend their reach to even more rivers and areas. The world indeed needs to get rid of plastics. 


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3 thoughts on “Eco-Warriors with a Cause: The Ocean Cleanup
  1. Very inspiring. On our part, it would be great if people understand the seriousness of the magnum of the plastic pollution the planet is experiencing and do their bit to avoid using plastics and ‘single-use plastics’ in particular.

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